The first step in preparing a great financial plan,
is to get clarity around what’s important to you
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Debt Free at Last

With your home mortgage paid off, use the extra cash flow to plan the lifestyle you want.

Kids left home

  • Now you have no other demands on your income, enjoy the freedom to plan for yourself.

Mortgage repaid

  • You have the deeds to your house and extra money each month.
  • Accelerate your savings, improve your lifestyle, renovate – but have a plan.

High surplus income

  • Save and invest regularly to build up a retirement fund.
  • Borrow again, but this time for investment.
  • Explore some tax effective strategies.

Focus on retirement in 5, 10, 15 years

  • Shorter term goals are easier to visualise – but impending retirement can be scary.
  • Do the numbers to see what you need and set a balance between lifestyle today and when you stop work..
Debt Free at Last