Money is the tool that helps you achieve your goals,
and our role is to provide you with the best available
financial advice
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Disclosure Statements

Stuart + Carlyon offers clients a financial planning service that combines an unmatched experience in financial and investment planning with a broader life-goal focus. The market is crowded with commission driven advisers. In contrast, Stuart + Carlyon provides a boutique, fee based service supported by a powerful network of investment, tax and legal specialists.  Click here for our Primary Disclosure Statements.

Who are our clients?

    • Those who have been referred by an existing client or by an Accountant or Lawyer.
    • Those who have money and require investment advice and ongoing
      management services.
    • Those who need advice on the best strategies to build wealth for the future.
See our latest Newsletter

See our latest Newsletter

In our newsletter:

  • What will a Trump presidency mean for markets.
  • Earthquakes are a reminder to be prepared.
  • New premises for Stuart + Carlyon in 2017.

Your Family Fortune
- Susanna Stuart’s book

The book looks at the wide spectrum of family money issues and offers guidance for parents who want to teach their children money skills.

Email: or phone:  307 2331 for a copy at a discounted price of $20

Her book, "Start Talking Cents", a later book is available at the library.

A message from Susanna;
"My monthly Money column in the Next magazine has come to an end after 15 years. In that time the one question many readers have asked is “how do you come up with a topic or idea month after month?” Surprisingly it’s not difficult. Money has the knack of inhabiting our lives in very interesting ways, and as a financial adviser I’ve seen it all: the good, the bad and the ugly. I’ve shared some of my experiences and those of my clients to give readers an insight into how money shapes our lives, and to offer some practical guidance. My last column can be found in the October 2011 issue".  
For previous issues, click here.

I will be writing one off feature articles from time to time so please keep checking.

For my latest article in the February 2012 issue - "A to Z Financial Overhaul", please click here 

Getting your finances in order is simply a matter of working systematically through the alphabet, says Susanna Stuart.

Susanna's last money column article - Family Values 

When a parent dies, the last thing you want is a row over inheritance. Susanna Stuart explains how to share the estate ... peacefully.

Stuart + Carlyon mystery shopped in November 2009 by Consumer NZ:

Fair Go TV One, 15 July 2009 
See Deborah Carlyon on a recent edition of Fair Go being interviewed about how easy it is for tertiary students to take on bank debt.