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February 2012 - The A to Z Financial Overahul
Getting your finances in order is simply a matter of working systematically through the alphabet, says Susanna Stuart.

October 2011 - Family Values
When a parent dies, the last thing you want is a row over inheritance.  Susanna Stuart explains how to share the estate ... peacefully.

September 2011 - Cash & Burn
Susanna Stuart discovers something priceless in an art gallery ... a visual reminder of the problems money can cause.

August 2011 - Beware Black Swans
The financial system is increasingly intertwined, but you can limit the risk of ruin from a rare 'black swan' event.  Susanna Stuart on how to put your egss in many baskets.

 July 2011 - Get a Clue
Being 'good' or 'bad' with money isn't genetic (luckily) - it's a skill that can be learned, and the earlier the better.  Susanna Stuart offers some teaching tools.

June 2011 - Total Control
Keeping finances in check can be tricky, especially if your income varies.  Susanna Stuart offers savvy strategies for allocating your cash wisely.

May 2011 - Taxing Times
It's that time of year again... Finance Editor Susanna Stuart explains what the new tax changes mean for you. 

April 2011 - Live a Little
Enjoying your hard-earned cash is no bad thing - its all about a sense of proportion, explains Finance Editor Susanna Stuart. 

March  2011 - Good Advice on Good Advice
Susanna Stuart explains how new regulations and a bit of nous will help you find the best financial adviser.

February 2011 - Herd Instinct
Making financial decisions based on what others are doing with their money can cost you dear, says Finance editor Susanna Stuart.

January 2011 - Action Stations 
Pay off the credit card, start saving, spend less ... so easy to say, so hard to do.  Susanna Stuart offers 10 easy ways to put those good intentions into practice.

December 2010 - Loan Danger 
It's not just the young who are dogged by student debt.  Susanna Stuart on why its a national issue - and how to pay off that loan faster.

November 2010 - Shock Absorbers 
In light of the Chrischurch quake you might want to revisit your insurance cover, says Finance Editor Susanna Stuart.

October 2010 - What's love got to do with it
 Romatic mergers can be financiall risky things .... Finance Editor Susanna Stuart - on how to protect your assets post-marriage. 

September 2010 - Nearest & Dearest
The cost of caring for a seriously sick loved one can be exorbitant... so having a plan in place could be a lifesaver, says Finance Editor Susanna Stuart.

August 2010 - Mind the gap
Heading off on a mid-life OE?  Good on you, says Finance Editor Susanna Stuart - but get your affairs in order first.

July 2010 - Wealthy and wise
 How come money leads to misery for some and freedom and fulfilment for others?  Finance Editor Susanna Stuart lets you in on a little secret. 

June 2010 - Learn to earn
Even the most switched-on people can be fiscally naïve - and it could cost you dearly, says Finance Editor Susanna Stuart. 

May 2010 - Wealthy and wise
There are three roads to amassing riches ... Finance Editor Susanna Stuart helps you to pick the right one for you.

April 2010 - A new leaf
Take a tip from those surviving the recent economic crisis and re-invent your spending habits, says Finance Editor Susanna Stuart .

March 2010 - Root and branch
Banks are reviving old-school practices to win back the hearts - and savings - of customers.  Finance Editor Susanna Stuart reports.

February 2010- Retiring gracefully
How much do you need for a comfortable retirement?  Finance Editor Susanna Stuart helps you to do the sums.

January 2010- Got it covered?
Stuff happens - so be prepared.  Finance Editor Susanna Stuart looks at when, what and how to insure.

December 2009- Share the cheer
Follow a green and red theme to make this Christmas a season of suitable spending, suggests Finance Editor Susanna Stuart. 

November 2009- In safe hands
Don't leave the fate of your fortune to fortune - pick your financial adviser with care, says Finance Editor Susanna Stuart.

October 2009- Be prepared
Taking action in case you're made redundant will help you cope if the worst happens, says Finance Editor Susanna Stuart.

September 2009- Is this lunch free?
 Don't be fooled - everything comes at a price, even that tax-free investment, says Finance Editor Susanna Stuart.

August 2009- Saving grace
KiwiSaver has helped us over our savings phobia - but is it always the best option, asks Finance Editor Susanna Stuart. 

July 2009- How safe is your cash?
 Some 'safe' investments carry a price.  Finance Editor Susanna Stuart looks at the options.

June 2009- Traveller's check
 Going away: Finance Editor Susanna Stuart helps you, and your money, journey safely.

May 2009- Your best interests
It's tempting, but breaking your mortgage term might cost more than it saves, says Finance Editor Susanna Stuart.

April 2009- Happy returns
 Don't dread tax time - you could be in for a windfall.  Finance Editor Susanna Stuart talks you through new tax changes.

March 2009- Make yourself recession-proof
We may be in a downturn but you needn't be in the doldrums this year.  Finance Editor Susanna Stuart explains how to stay covered.

February 2009- Money for nothing
 What do banks do to justify all those fees? Who cares? Finance Editor Susanna Stuart says you can beat them at their own game.

January 2009- Back to black
 Weather-proof your personal finances with Finance Editor Susanna Stuart's 10 resolutions for a money-smart New Year.

December 2008- Yule rules
 Forget feeling like Scrooge - you can trim costs and have fun at christmas, says Finance Editor Susanna Stuart.

November 2008- For richer, for poorer
Combine your assets with the one you love and you're well and truly hitched.  Finance Editor Susanna Stuart on saying "I do" to a merger.

October 2008- Loaded revolver
Be careful you don't shoot yourself in the foot when opting for a revolving credit home loan, says Finance Editor Susanna Stuart.

September 2008- Fraud alert
Watch out, rip-off merchants are about, says Finance Editor Susanna Stuart.

August 2008- Family affairs
It's not always the best policy to put family first, says Finance Editor Susanna Stuart.

July 2008- Rational thinking
It's time to start challenging our logic says Finance Editor Susanna Stuart.

June 2008- Easy as PIE
You too can have a piece of the pie. Susanna Stuart explains how.

May 2008- Facing up to the future 
It’s time to reign in our spending and work hard at saving, says Finance Editor Susanna Stuart

April 2008- Silent Predators
Finance Editor Susanna Stuart warns that internet fraud is everywhere –and it could happen to you. Do you have protection?

March 2008- The Financial Evolution
Finance Editor Susanna Stuart reflects on the increasing financial maturity of Kiwi woment - and suggests how we can get even more clued up.

January 2008- The Pursuit of Happiness
Imagine you’d be happy if only you had more money? Finance Editor Susanna Stuart dispels the myth

December 2007 - The Long Long Sunset
In this age in increasing life expectancy, long-term planning should be a priority, says Fianance Editor Susanna Stuart.

November 2007 - Smart Money
Start educating yourself and your family about how you manage money, says Finance Editor Susanna Stuart

October 2007 - How to Spot a Bad One
We all want great returns, but how can you reduce your risk?  Susanna Stuart advises.

September 2007 - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
Susanna Stuart examines life insurance and why we should determine our individual worth.

August 2007 - The Future's In Our Hands
Susanna Stuart discusses the importance of retirement savings in the scheme of things.

July 2007 - Footprints on Wall Street
Susanna Stuart uses her consumer dollar to support businesses with sustainable policies.

June 2007 - Split Decision
Susanna Stuart suggests fair and square ways of handling household spending

May 2007 - Budgeting for Baby
Becoming a first-time mother means a major financial adjustment, says Susanna Stuart.

April 2007 - Playing for Home Runs
Susanna Stuart weighs home ownership against renting - with surprising results.

March 2007 - Global Awareness
Susanna Stuart on how global warming will affect our pockets as well as the planet.

February 2007 - Choice When Less is More
Susanna Stuart reminds us about putting something away for a stormy day.

December 2006 - Danger:  Mail Stranger
At Christmas it's tempting to try a get-rich-quick scheme.  Don't be fooled, warns Susanna Stuart.

November 2006 - Solid Gold Canvas
A picture could paint you thousands of dollars says Susanna Stuart - or it may leave you broke.

October 2006 - Let's Talk About Sex
Susanna Stuart explains how women can take control and become financially independent.

September 2006 - What's Around the Corner?
Health and welfare issues become important with age.  Susanna Stuart gets a wake up call.

August 2006 - Now You See It Now You Don't
Susanna Stuart advises on how to foil crafty criminals - and how to recover if you don't.

July 2006 - Prepare for a Bumpy Landing
Susanna Stuart looks at the changes to our economy caused by the weakening dollar.

May 2006 - Financial Fair Play
A man finds a brass lamp in the gutter.  He rubs it, a genie appears and grants the man three wishes.

April 2006 - Some Bull from Spain
If a letter arrives in the mail with an offer that's just too good to be true, it is.  Susanna Stuart reminds us you can't win the lottery if you never bought a ticket.  How to spot a scam.

January 2006 - Your Money And Your Life
The New Year is the season for a thorough life assessment, and according to Susanna Stuart, it is also the time to put your finances under the microscope.

December 2005 – Making Cents of Santa
It’s the season of goodwill and time to reach into our pockets.  Susanna Stuart shows you how to take the financial pain out of festive spending forever.

November 2005 – Safe As Houses
Pre-packaged property plans take care of everything – as long as everything goes according to plan.  Susanna Stuart looks at the risks of no-risk investments.

October 2005 – Making Allowances
‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’ is no longer adequate financial advice to give the kids.  Susanna Stuart says we need to show them exactly how bank balances grow.

September 2005 – The Good Life
Want to get out of the rat race or downsize?  Susanna Stuart offers advice on how to prepare for a major lifestyle change.

August 2005 – Feathering Your Nest
Independence was a valued goal for a client of Susanna Stuart.  She shares the lessons and tips of a woman who relished the challenges of being financially responsible.

July 2005 – Make Haste, Make Waste
Wanting purchasing power drives many of us to put in long working weeks.  But Susanna Stuart warns wasteful spending habits can negate our hard work.

June 2005 – Social Currency
Is keeping up with your peer group too expensive?  Susanna Stuart questions whether having the latest designer handbag will really bring you social acceptance.

May 2005 – Spring Clean
Make your bank work for you and not the other way round.  Susanna Stuart decides to sort through her account clutter.

April 2005 – Double Act
Setting up in business doesn’t mean you have to go it alone.  Susanna Stuart debates the pros of having a business partner.

March 2005 – Just a Click Away
Why wander aimlessly around cyberspace when you can head straight for the pot of gold?  Financial websites can be excellent tools to help you get your money sorted.

February 2005 – A Break With The Past
After much soul-searching, Susanna Stuart is leaving the corporate world behind.  She explains her decision.

December 2004 - Life Saver
Find a charity that touches your heart. Give it your time as well as your money and you'll find you get so much in return.