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2019 Issue 1 - The heat is on
-  Challenging our commonly held investment beliefs.
-  Rise of the Robots.
-  Money, environment, people - which societies are Social Capitalists.

2018 Issue 3 - The Pumpkin that helped save an Island
-  A Japanese island revitalized by fabulous art and architecture.
-  Important lessons for Mum and Dad bankers.
-  Share market wobbles are part of the investment journey.

2018 Issue 2 - Trade, Tariffs and Tit for Tat
-  US trade tariffs cause market jitters.
-  China surges on with building new trade routes.
-  Meet our new business partner.

2018 Issue 1 - The Bank with Frozen Assets
-  Cerebral matters that can make a big difference
-  Some NZ family trusts under scrutiny from the UK.
-  A well crafted Will can be as good as a Trust.

2017 Issue 3 - The Jacinda Effect
-  Will the new government affect the economy?
-  Predictions that went off the rails.
-  Greetings from our Team.

2017 Issue 2 - Boxing up your money
-  How you can arrange your finances simply.
-  Our core investment beliefs.
-  What the newly introduced Common Reporting Standard (CRS) mean to you?

2017 Issue 1 - We need to talk about Heaven
-  Quality of life matters.
-  Navigating retirement living options.
-  How we can help.

2016 Issue 4 - The Trump shall sound
-  What will a Trump presidency mean for markets.
-  Earthquakes are a reminder to be prepared.
-  New premises for Stuart + Carlyon in 2017.

2016 Issue 3 - Dialling up risk for the same return
-  To match bond returns of 20 years ago, investors are forced up the risk spectrum. There are ways we manage that for our clients.
-  If Trump is elected the next US president, what could that mean for financial markets?
-  For an authentic experience, find out about the China Highlights tour.

2016 Issue 2  -The sweet retirement question: One lump?
-  Multiple income sources for a comfortable retirement.
-  How conscious decumulation of savings need not be scary.
-  The rise of populism and global political risk - think Brexit!

2016 Issue 1  - Six signs of recession?
-  Whether economic conditions are indicating a global recession.
-  How to keep your cool during uncertainty.
-  A thrilling book about a hedge fund manager's battles with Putin and the Russian oligarchs.

2015 Issue 4  - The Dragon is alive and well
-  China and its large scale impact on many global companies
-  Opportunities at times of share market volatility
-  Bespoke tours in the Big Apple

2015 Issue 3  - Look past the noise and watch the horizon
-  Some perspectives on market volatility
-  How to focus on the fundamentals
-  Low currencies and low commodity prices - good or bad news?

2015 Issue 2  - How low can they go?
-  Will interest rates stay low forever?
-  Is the western government debt burden too great?

-  How we manage portfolios in difficult times.

2015 Issue 1  - Well that decade went by quickly!
-  Ten years in business - messages from clients.
-  How to keep returns up when interest rates are low.

2014 Issue 4  - A love of Italy - but a financial warning
-  Enjoying life while you have your health.
-  Money tips for travel in Italy.
-  Are higher house valuations always a good thing?

2014 Issue 3  - Reflecting on risk
-  A different risk and return perspective.
-  How to distinguish relevant investment signals from mere market noise.
-  Ways to focus on things you can control.


2014 Issue 2  - Retirement Issues
-  Financial implications for retired people who need residential health care - thresholds and the "no hiding"regime
-  How a medical crisis can eat away at your retirement fund.
-  More measures to counter ponzi schemes and money laundering.


2014 Issue 1  - Change of pace
-  How retirement looks for our baby-boomer clients.
-  Savvy strategies that aim for a mixed basket of income streams.
-  The challenges of a booming economy.

2013 Issue 4  - Solid investments in a pop-up economy
-  How to benefit from the e-commerce explosion.
-  Smart phones are not just for games - the African experience.
-  Innovative gift ideas for the festive season.

Winter 2013 - New ground rules
-  A Tale of two markets - the developed versus emerging.
-  New ground rules for investing.
-  Changes to tax rules if you have a foreign super scheme.

Autumn 2013 - Clear signals or mere market noise?
-  How to avoid market nose and instead focus on good investment strategy.
-  Low interest rates - how low and for how long?
-  Spotlight on money laundering.
-  It's tax time of year again.

Winter 2012 - Our focus is not only on money
-  Why clients come to us for more than investment advice.
-  Dealing with life's transitions.
-  How old world companies like Fiat are adapting to global change.

Autumn 2012 - Theme tunes from one of the best, exotic movies in ages
-  Being careful not to put retirement savings at risk.
-  Adapting to retirement as a way of life.
-  Australia, a two speed economy.

Summer 2012 - Optimists vs Pessimists
-  Uncertain economic times see more pessimists than optimists.
-  Does it pay to delay?
-  Strategies to deal with procrastination.

Spring 2011 - Gold myrhh and frankincense
-  Whether gold makes a good investment.
-  Experiencing the Wall Street occupation first hand.
-  Christmas holiday office hours.

 Winter 2011 - Our Investment Philosophy
-   How sticking with your investment philosophy is vital during uncertain times.
-   Uplifting examples of active retirement.
-   New staff at Stuart + Carlyon. 

Autumn 2011 - All Black, and Blue and Green and Red.
-   Keep a diversified asset mix to capture the positive returns year by year.
-   Nervousness in markets means caution is warranted.
-   Strategies for a low return environment. 

Summer 2011 - The new rules for making money.
The new rules for making money:
-   Review your financial strategies.
-   Invest in productive industries.
-   What do the new financial adviser regulations mean? 



Summer 2013 - Market gazing
-  "Views from fund managers and economists as to how investments might shape up in 2013".
-  "Why house prices have increased again".
-  "What changes are on the agenda to improve housing affordability".

Spring 2012 - Safeguarding your money
-  How our systems and processes ensure client monies are protected.
-  What to look out for to avoid Ponzi schemes.
-  Susanna's fiduciary role at Surf Life Saving Northern Region.



Spring 2010 - Emerging nations - and submerging nations.
-   How the emerging nations counterbalance the debt-burdened submerging nations.
-   What China means to the West.
-   Susanna's recent visit to China. 

Autumn 2010 - Wealthy and wise ... three roads to amassing riches.
-   Three paths to wealth creation with tips for building wealth.
-   Potted guide to buying shares.
-   Banning of investment commissions. 

Summer 2010 - New Decade.  New Broom.
-   5 Fresh Start Strategies for 2010 plus tips to make it easier to achieve your goals.
-   Our two new team members.
-   What's on the agenda for tax reform. 

Spring 2009 - The dust settles
-   Whether the shape of the global recovery will be V, W or square root.
-   How our approach is on the right track.
-   A new art gallery with a difference. 

Winter 2009 - James Surowiecki finds our recession refreshingly soft
-   A different view of New Zealand's recession.
-   How Platinum achieved positive returns from global shares.
-   Putting risk into perspective. 

Autumn 2009 - Glimmers ahead.
-   What are the signposts that will lead to share markets recovering?
-   More money in our pockets from lower taxes.
-   Why some fixed interest investments have lost value. 

Summer 2009 - New law helps prevent misuse of powers.
-   Legal changes to Enduring Power of Attorney.
-   A real life example of family greed.
-   How current low internet rates make shares an attractive long term buy. 

Spring 2008 - A huge financial mess.  But no cause for panic.
-   The uneasy state of the financial markets.
-   Why our clients need not panic.
-   Examples of fund managers who are positioned with cash to buy cheap shares. 

Winter 2008 - Riding out the storm
-   To successfully ride out the storm in financial markets you need to be aware of
    the cycle of emotions.
-   High cash flow from cheap assets will cushion you from adverse market
-   Current economic conditions make a familiar pudding. 

Autumn 2008 - How low can you go?
-  Financial markets.
-  Tax return time.
-  No artificial sweetners.

Summer 2008 - Talk of recession spooks world markets
-  Rescue packages!  Are things really that bad?
-  What's the outlook for New Zealand investors?
-  Growing investments.

Spring 2007 - A long beautiful sunset
-  Greater life expectancy makes planning finances more important.
-  Outlook for the housing market.
-  Susanna Stuart's book helps ANZ Bank support Plunket.

Winter 2007 - Picking the trends
-  Six demographic supertrends that will drive select industries to sustained market
-  Is KiwiSaver for you?
-  Important notes for our investors.

Autumn 2007 - How money keeps the social fabric intact
Our advice: make sure simple things like life and income protection insurance are in place.  Always do your homework before making big decisions.

Summer 2006 - Legacies that keep on giving
The most romantic evening image of New York City, and one you see in movies, is down Park Avenue, which runs alongside Central Park.

Spring 2006 - Building BRICs into portfolios
We look at the impact of the emerging BRIC economies and how they affect investors.

Winter 2006 - A taxing time - Peter Dunne cooks up a very lumpy tax porridge
This inconsistent new Tax Bill singles out overseas investments for a tax on unrealised capital gains.

Autumn 2006 - Don't slam on the brakes: downshift!
Retirement doesn't have to mean slamming on the brakes at 60 or 65.

Summer 2005 - Nice to say:  it's been a great year for portfolios!
All our clients have been rewarded for sticking to their strategies.

Spring 2005 - Our business in now airborne!
It's been a remarkable journey so far.